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Robertson Gramophone

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Robertson Gramophone2_In for repair today is a portable Robertson Gramophone. I was unable to find any information on on this gramophone. It seemed as though the spring had seized and needed to be taken out of the motor assembly, cleaned and regreased.





Robertson Gramophone3_Here is a picture of the motor assembly after initial cleaning. It was caked in grease that had turned rock hard, causing part of the problem.





Robertson Gramophone4_The coiled spring was taken out of the motor. The spring was also covered in rock hard, 60 year old grease. It was soaked in a solution overnight to soften the grease and make it easier to take off. The spring was good as new after cleaning.

After the motor assembly was serviced and the gramophone was re-assembled, it worked great. Spinning at a perfect 78rpm.

Luckily, the tone arm and soundbox were in good condition. It was a very nice sounding gramophone for its size.

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