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Welcome to Irelands Audio Repair Workshop


AudioRepair is moving! I will therefore be closed for the next 8 weeks. Very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Check back here for updates!

We are an Irish Company based in Dublin offering a professional audio repair service. The type of repairs we carry out include amplifiers, speakers, musical instruments and domestic hi-fi equipment.

We specialise in the repair of vintage audio equipment and can source replacement parts including vintage stylus. The repairs we carry out on a day to day basis include Professional Audio Equipment, Amplifiers, Record Decks and Turntables, Home Systems and Mixers.

Many repair shops take the easier, but more expensive option of “repairing” by replacing broken audio boards entirely. All our repairs are carried out on the basis of individual component repair. This means that we carefully replace any broken components on the audio board rather than replacing the entire board itself. As well as the a cost savings using this method, it’s especially important when working with vintage audio equipment where maintaining the originality of the device is important.

We can often repair unusual electrical items and instruments also.

Check out our Repair Blog to see some of the work carried out on rare and unusual items.